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Industrial distillation columns (source: click here).

Need distillation expertise?  Contact us.

With literally thousands of columns all over the world, distillation is clearly one of the most important chemical engineering technologies.  We offer experience with purification of numerous materials by distillation, including citrus oils, various flavor chemicals, and natural extracts, to name a few.  Our experience covers the range from laboratory to production scale, and includes batch, continuous and thin film technologies, units containing one to over 30 theoretical stages, pressures from atmospheric to a fraction of a millibar, and a variety of starting materials.  Here is a partial list of our capabilities:


  • Columns ranging from laboratory scale to one meter in diameter

  • Random packing

  • High performance structured packing (for example, Koch-Gitsch BX, CY)

  • Flooding calculations

  • Experimental determination of HETP

  • Instrumentation and control (including pressure drop measurement)

  • Process development and scale-up

  • Azeotropic distillation

  • Gas-liquid contacting

  • Wiped film evaporation

  • Short path distillation

  • Spinning cone distillation

  • Computer simulation


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