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Mixing is an important part of nearly every chemical or biochemical unit operation.  We offer in-depth knowledge of mixing systems, including a strong command of mixing fundamentals and calculations, along with extensive hands-on experience.  Whether your goal is liquid blending, solids suspension or dissolution, gas dispersion, emulsification, or something else, and whether your fluid is Newtonian or non-Newtonian, we have the know-how to design, troubleshoot, optimize and streamline your mixing process.  Our expertise includes:


  • Impeller types

    • Marine propeller

    • Pitched blade turbine

    • Flat blade (Rushton) turbine

    • Hydrofoil

    • Anchor

    • Ribbon blender

    • High shear mixer

  • Calculations

  • Mixing system specifications

    • Number and type of impellers

    • Impeller diameter and placement

    • Baffle dimensions and placement

    • Rotational speed

  • Drive train specifications

    • Motor size

    • Shaft size

    • Seal details


Please contact us to talk about how we can address your mixing needs.




Schematic of an agitated vessel (source: click here then click Mixing (process engineering)).

Liquid blending, solids suspension, gas dispersion, emulsification. . .call us!

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