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Extraction Technologies

We can give you the benefit of our extensive extraction experience.


We offer expertise in a variety of extraction processes, including liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and supercritical fluid extraction.  Our experience covers both batch and continuous operation at laboratory, pilot and production scale, using solvents such as ethyl acetate, hexane, heptane, n-butanol, MTBE, liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide, ethanol, methanol and propylene glycol.  We have worked on liquid-liquid extraction of numerous materials, including citrus oils and fermentation broths, using several types of extractors.  For example, we have done pilot studies comparing extraction of orange oil with methanol/water using a reciprocating plate versus a centrifugal extractor. Our solid-liquid experience includes extraction of coffee, tea, hops, cocoa nibs and many other natural materials, using stirred tanks, fixed bed columns, and spinning cone columns.


We can work with your technical staff to streamline your extraction process, whether your interest is reduced solvent usage, emulsion avoidance, reduced cost, increased capacity, process optimization, new solvent evaluation, or development and implementation of a new process.


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