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Gas-liquid Contactors

Whether your interest is gas absorption or stripping, for valuable product recovery or waste treatment, we can apply our expertise to design and implement a process that meets your cost and performance targets.  We can also optimize your existing operation to increase capacity, improve separation or reduce cost.  Our experience includes design and operation of gas-liquid contactors for recovery of acetaldehyde from enzymatic oxidation reactor exhaust gas, removal of various biologically derived molecules (pyrazines, thioesters) from fermenter off-gas, and other applications.


In addition to traditional packed columns, we also offer expertise in membrane contactors.  These provide numerous advantages over conventional equipment, including very high mass transfer interfacial area per unit volume, no emulsion formation, no flooding, and straightforward design and scale-up.


Please contact us to find out how you can leverage our gas-liquid contacting expertise to add value to your operation.

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