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Gabelman Process Solutions has proudly served he chemical and biochemical process industries since 2013, with projects that have called on a broad range of process engineering skills.  Examples of completed projects are described here:

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  • Currently supporting development and scale-up of downstream purification of fermentation-derived cannabinoids.

  • Currently supporting development, scale-up and computer modeling of a fermentation process for an organic acid with applications in water treatment, food, pharmaceuticals and textiles.


  • Developed technology assessment, PFD, mass balance, capital cost estimate and utility consumption estimate for concentration and drying of bacterial biomass from a proposed fuel ethanol facility.

  • Provided engineering support for design of the downstream purification line for production of natural blue color using algae.  Responsibilities included equipment selection, sizing and design, P&ID development, and general arrangement.

  • Provided engineering support for design and construction of a vegetable processing facility.  Responsibilities included equipment and piping layout, equipment specification and procurement, piping and instrumentation, and preparation of P&ID and other engineering drawings.

  • Managed a project to convert a warehouse into a liquid flavor production facility.


  • Prepared a comprehensive evaluation of candidate technologies suitable for drying fruit purees and juice concentrates, along with go-forward recommendations.  Technologies considered include spray, drum, freeze, refractive window, vacuum belt, microwave, radiofrequency, and infrared drying.


  • Designed a skid-mounted pilot plant for recovery of organics from dilute aqueous streams using process chromatography, then led the team responsible for construction and startup.


  • Optimized batch distillation processes for various chemicals using computer simulation.  Demonstrated potential increases in capacity as high as 50%.


  • Developed a spreadsheet model of heat transfer in 50L and 100L jacketed glass reactors.  Using the model, assessed cooling requirements for highly exothermic reactions, and made recommendations regarding reactor design, operating conditions and thermostat selection.


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