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Heat and Mass Transfer

A plate heat exchanger (source: click here).

We know heat and mass transfer.

Clearly these are crucial to the successful operation of any chemical or biochemical process. We offer a fundamental understanding of heat and mass transfer that we are ready apply to improve the efficiency of your existing process, or to ensure that your new process delivers the expected results. Whether your interest is calculation of heat or mass transfer coefficients, selection, design and sizing of heat or mass transfer equipment, or any other aspect of process heat or mass transfer, please consider leveraging our expertise and experience. Specific areas where we can help include the following:



Mass Transfer



Heat Transfer


  • Calculation of heat of reaction

  • Estimation of other heat loads

    • Mixing

    • Aeration

    • Heat of solution

    • Heat loss to surroundings

  • Estimation of heat transfer coefficients

    • Shell-and-tube heat exchangers

    • Plate heat exchangers

    • Agitated vessel jackets and internal coils

  • Selection, sizing and design of heat transfer surfaces

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