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We can deliver outstanding documents that reflect the true quality of your work.

As authors of numerous technical articles, peer-reviewed scientific papers, a book and a book chapter, with a second book in preparation, we offer the writing skills to prepare technical documents and presentations of all types. For example, we can provide:









There are numerous ways our technical writing services can help:


  • Do you or your team have a backlog of reports to write, but you don't want to take time from other important work?

  • Is your process operating without clearly documented procedures?

  • Do you need a compelling document or presentation to promote the abilities and accomplishments of your team to internal or external customers?

  • Would you benefit from one-time or regular updates on new developments in a particular area of science or engineering, presented as a comprehensive, professional report?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if there are other ways our technical writing expertise can benefit your operation, let's talk about how we can work together to prepare outstanding documents or presentations that address your needs.


In addition to writing, we also offer a range of technical editing services. We can provide simple editing, to correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, as well as more in-depth feedback on paragraph organization and technical content. Let us deliver a document that is well organized, clear, and free of errors in punctuation and grammar, so you can focus solely on the science and engineering.


Please contact us soon to discuss your technical writing and editing requirements.

  • Patent drafts

  • Technical test reports

  • Product promotional materials

  • Department or team promotional presentations

  • Process audits

  • Bid packages

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Detailed process descriptions

  • Technology transfer packages

  • Literature search reports

  • Research and development reports

  • Invention disclosures

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