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We offer extensive crystallization experience, ranging from bench scale process development to production scale troubleshooting and process improvement. Our experience includes the use of continuous draft tube baffle, batch vacuum pan, and other types of crystallizers to prepare products such as monosodium glutamate and rhamnose.  We can provide expertise in crystallization process development, design, and scale-up, as well as optimization of your existing crystallizer operation.  This optimization work can address issues such as particle size distribution (PSD), yield, ease of centrifugation and washing of crystals, capacity, energy usage, process reproducibility, and cost. Regarding PSD and yield, we can help with instrumentation and control strategies that will improve both.


Please contact us to talk about how to address your crystallization issues and streamline your process.







For higher crystal yield, fewer fines, higher purity, increased capacity, lower energy usage. . .call us!

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