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Process Simulation

Process simulation is a powerful tool for development of new processes or optimization of existing ones.  Software packages like CHEMCAD, Aspen Plus and others can be used to rapidly evaluate numerous process scenarios before any laboratory or pilot plant work is done.  Effects of all important process parameters can be characterized in a short time, saving countless hours of experimentation.  That is, actual experimental work is reduced to verification of only the most promising process scenarios.  If laboratory or pilot plant support of an existing operation is not available, process simulation avoids the need to make untested changes to the production process, preventing possible loss of productivity or product quality.


For example, consider a distillation process.  Would you like to know if a change in the number of theoretical stages, operating pressure, boilup rate or reflux ratio will improve capacity or component separation?  We can apply our expertise in process simulation to answer these questions.


Please contact us to talk about how we can use our simulation skills to facilitate development or your new process, or ensure that your existing process is running at maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Develop or optimize your process rapidly and efficiently, while avoiding hours of experimental work.

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