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We offer years of hands-on experience and proven results with a diverse range of process technologies, including those shown on the left.  Whether your interest is process chemistry, fermentation, or downstream separations, we can apply our skills to achieve your objective.  For example, we can:


  • Identify opportunities for manufacturing process improvement, then work with your operations staff to turn those opportunities into increased efficiency and profitability

  • Advise your research scientists and engineers on the data needed for scale-up, and how to use the data to design new or evaluate existing production equipment to make sure the scale-up is successful.

  • Review your separation process operations, then work with your technical staff to remove cost, increase capacity or separation efficiency, or improve reproducibility.


We invite you to learn more by clicking on the tabs that address the specific processes of interest to you.  Please contact us to talk about how we can use our process expertise to streamline your operation or shorten your project timeline.

Please invite us to audit your process. . .

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