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Process Hazard Analysis

Minimize risk to people, property and the environment. . .call us.

We are well-versed in potential hazards in the workplace, with years of experience dealing with safety and environmental issues in laboratories, pilot and production plants. Regardless of the scale or nature of the operation, we can ensure that your area of responsibility is safe and environmentally compliant. If you are building a new facility, let us help make sure the design conforms to applicable guidelines and regulations. If you are implementing a new process or technology, we can conduct a review to be certain that the risks are clearly understood and minimized. We can also perform a safety and environmental audit of your existing process and offer our assessment and recommendations. Here is a partial list of our areas of expertise:


  • Safe handling of flammable liquids and dusts

  • Safe handling and disposal of toxic chemicals

  • Equipment and facility design requirements for flammable or toxic materials

  • Safe laboratory equipment and practices

  • HAZOP analysis of new and existing processes

  • Requirements for pressure vessels

  • Biological safety

  • Food safety

  • Waste treatment


Let’s work together to ensure that your process is implemented and carried out with the lowest possible risk to people, property and the environment.

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