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Process Development and Scale-up

We are ready to assist you in all aspects of process development and scale-up, from process concept to production.

We offer extensive experience developing new processes in the laboratory or pilot plant, then applying scale-up principles and calculations, along with engineering judgment, to ensure that the processes perform as expected upon transfer to production. We can advise your research scientists and engineers on data needed to minimize scale-up risk, as well as on process routes and technologies that are suitable for reduction to practice.  Our expertise also includes valuable development tools such as statistical design of experiments and process simulation software.


Once scale-up data are available from the laboratory or pilot plant, we can proceed with equipment design and sizing, with due attention to:



Our services also include:



Whether your interest is process conceptualization, laboratory or pilot plant development, scale-up to manufacturing, or all of the above, we can enhance progress, reduce scale-up risk and shorten the project timeline.



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