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Solid-liquid Separations

We can help you meet your filtration, centrifugation and membrane separation challenges.

We offer extensive experience with a range of solid-liquid separation processes. Let’s talk about how we can apply our expertise to reduce the cost, increase the capacity, or improve the reliability of your operation. We can also recommend the specific type of equipment that will work best for your new application, help design and carry out the laboratory or pilot test program to make sure the required scale-up data are in hand, then use that data to scale up the process, with a high level of confidence that productivity and quality targets will be met. Specific areas of expertise include:


  • Filtration

    • Rotary vacuum

    • Pressure leaf

    • Filter press

    • Cartridge

    • Bag

    • Vacuum belt


  • Centrifugation

    • Solids ejecting (opening bowl) disk

    • Nozzle disk

    • Solid bowl disk

    • Basket (batch, continuous)

    • Conical basket

    • Pusher

    • Decanter (solid bowl, screen bowl)


  • Membranes

    • Cross-flow membrane microfiltration (polymeric, ceramic)

    • Please click here for additional details on our membrane expertise




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