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A falling film triple effect evaporator for caustic soda (source: click here).

We offer extensive evaporation experience, including concentration of fermentation-derived process streams such as crude monosodium glutamate.  Whether your interest is increased capacity, reduced cost, improved reliability, more consistent product, energy savings, or all of the above, we can optimize your evaporator operation to achieve your objectives.  We can also help with the design, installation and startup of new units.  Our expertise covers the range of evaporator types and energy-saving techniques, including:


  • Falling film tubular evaporators

  • Forced circulation evaporators

  • Rising-falling film plate evaporators

  • Wiped film evaporators

  • Batch evaporators

  • Thermal vapor recompression

  • Multiple effect evaporation

  • Condensate heat recovery


Let's work together to streamline your evaporation process.



Increased capacity, reduced energy usage, lower cost. . .we can help!

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