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Adsorption, Ion Exchange, Process Chromatography

We offer broad experience with various types of adsorbents in a number of applications. For example, we are well versed in the use of activated carbon for removal of color, odor and other impurities, at scales ranging from laboratory to production. The latter includes both fixed and moving bed columns, as well as thermal regeneration using a multiple hearth furnace. We also offer expertise in adsorption/elution chromatography using hydrophobic resins, to isolate and concentrate organics from aqueous feeds such as fruit and vegetable essences and aromas (apple, orange and numerous others).  Our expertise also includes deionization of filtered fermentation broths and related streams using ion exchange resins.


We can use our experience in these and other applications to optimize your adsorption process, whether your goal is cost reduction, capacity increase, improved process reproducibility, more efficient use of adsorbent, or any other process objective you may have in mind.  In addition, we can assist in all aspects of process development and implementation.  That is, we can advise your research scientists and engineers on development of isotherms, breakthrough curves, and other data needed to characterize the process, followed by assistance with process design, equipment sizing, and scale-up.



Whether you are in R&D, engineering or manufacturing, please contact us soon to talk about how we can streamline your adsorption process.

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