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Proudly serving clients in flavors, fermentation, natural products, food ingredients and specialty chemicals

Use us to expand your process engineering capabilities.

Gabelman Process Solutions is dedicated to making your area of responsibility more efficient.  We offer a diverse range of skills and experience that can help improve your profitability and streamline your operation, through reduced cost, increased capacity, development and implementation of improved technology, or other methods.  Our expertise covers the range of operating scales, from laboratory to pilot to production plant. We offer extensive knowledge and experience in technologies such as process chemistry, fermentation, and numerous separation processes, and well as process engineering skills such as PFD and P&ID development, equipment sizing and design, HAZOP analysis, heat and mass transfer calculations, and others.


We also offer technical writing and editing services.  SOPs, technology transfer documents, process descriptions, process audits, literature searches - we can provide all of these and more.  We also can teach your staff how to write outstanding technical reports.  Consider using us for technical editing as well - let us deliver a document that is well organized, clear, with correct paragraph and sentence structure, and free of punctuation and grammatical errors, so you can focus solely on the technical content.


In addition, we provide on-site training and educational services that will equip your technical staff with new skills or sharpen existing ones. We offer training in process technologies, general process engineering calculations and techniques, and technical writing. Our training modules are not one size fits all - they are customized to address your specific objectives and learning style.


Whether you are an engineer, scientist or manager, in manufacturing, R&D, engineering, process design, or any department that requires process engineering or technical writing expertise, we can add value to your area of responsibility.  We are ready to apply our diverse knowledge and experience to reduce your cost, increase your capacity, expand your process capabilities, or shorten your project timelines.


Let's talk about how we can work together to maximize your efficiency and profitability. Please contact us today!

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